Alessio Fiore

Alessio Fiore


Powerful and technical player who is efficient with both fast sets and high balls.He is a great serve receiver from any angle of the court with an instinctive  feeling in defence. He’s a jump severer who when needed can strategically float serve. He is charismatic, motivative and a leader with a strong personality. He always gives 100% during practices and likes to take on responsibility during games.


nationality: Italian

date of birth: 25-12-1982

passport: Italian

EU: Yes

height(cm): 196

weight (Kg): ND

exclusive: Yes


2016-2019: Materdomini Castellana Grotte (A2 ITA)

2015-2016: Ortona (A2 ITA)

2013-2015 Argos Volley Sora

2012-2013 A1 Altotevere San Giustino

2011-2012 A2 Cicchetti Isernia 1

2010-2011 A2 Geotec Isernia 1

2009-2010 A2 Katay Geotec Isernia

2008-2009 B1 Atletico Bari

2006-2008 B1 Pallavolo Città di Squinzano (LE)

2005-2006 A2 Salento d’amare Taviano 8

2004-2005 B1 Volley Biella

2003-2004 B2 Taranto Volley

2002-2003 B1 Volley Brindisi

2001-2002 B2 Volley Brindisi

2000-2001 B1 Amatori Pulsano (TA)

1999-2000 Giov. Amatori Pulsano (TA)

National Team