Dirk Westphal

Dirk Westphal


Dirk prefers to play quick balls. He can attack both line or sharp diagonal. He can jump serve, jump float and also float with a spin toss from 1-5 or 6. Good and solid block, he always touches a lot of balls. He can perfectly and lucidly handle any difficult situation.In spite of his height he is good defender, in covering players and in reception.


  • 2004 3rd Place European junior Championships
  • 2006 German Vicechampion
  • 2009 1st European League
  • 2009 6st European Championships
  • 2011 Belgium Vicecup Winner

nationality: German

date of birth: 31-01-1986

passport: German

EU: Yes

height(cm): 203

weight (Kg): 102

exclusive: Yes


2018-2019: Nethoppers (GER)

2017-2018: Duren Volley (GER)

2016-2017: Tabriz (IND)

2015-2016: Nantes (FRA)

2013-2015 Radom (POL)

2012-2013 Knack Roeselare (BEL)

2011-2012 VC Euphony Asse-Lennik (BEL)

2010-2011 Fenice Volley Isernia (ITA)

2009-2010 Prisma Taranto (ITA)

2005-2009 SCC Berlin (GER)

National Team

Since 2005