Luca Chiappini

Luca Chiappini

Sex: Male

Nationality: Italian

Date of birth: nd

Passport: Italian


Exclusive: Yes


2018-2019: Pallavolo Filottrano (Head Coach)

2015-2018: Volleyball club HPK Naisetry (Head Coach)

2014-2015: Volleyball club HPK Naisetry (Assistent coach);

2011-2012: Liu Jo Volley Modena, A1 Italy (Assistent coach);

2010 2011: Cariparma Parma femminile A2 (went to A1), (Assistent coach);

2009-2010: G&B

2008-2009: G&B Bellinzona volley team

Dal 5/03 2008 : Aedes novi ligure B1

2007-200: Asystel volley spa. A1

2006-2007: Sant’orsola Asystel volley A1

2005-2006: Sant’orsola asystel volley A1

2004-2005: met Umbra Marsciano B1

2003-2004:Ecomet Marsciano B1

2002-2003: met Umbra Marsciano B2

1999-2002:met umbra marsciano

1998-1999: polisportiva Delfino

1997-1998:Polisportiva Delfino (PG) Dm

1996-1997:Polisportiva Delfino (PG) 1 div masch