Massimo Tomalino

Massimo was born in Genova in 1976. He began his volleyball career in the Serie A1 league in 1994. His career lasted over 10 years in which he won a Cev Cup, a University Championship and a National Championship in beach volleyball. He graduated from the University of Parma in 2004 with a Law degree where he defended his thesis “The Free Movement of Workers in European Sport.” A founding member and, until 2006, part of the Board of Director for the Italian Volleyball Players Association (AIPAV). Massimo has been an agent ever since he became a qualified member of Lega Pallavollo Serie A agent register in 2005, in both the male and female league. One of the few International FIVB agents. Massimo is the owner of VPA and deals with both male and female volleyball markets.